Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~*My four diaries*~

~My first Diary`s first page.
~All my diaries.

1/9/2013 - Wednesday.
Time : 5:34p.m, Moth. (The name of my room.)

~Because video-loading is taking tortoise slow and i`m dying with boredom, i`m gonna post images of all my old diaries here.

~Let me tell you about Moth. My room got its name because when we first moved in in the middle of 2012, there was a dead moth at the entrance of my room. At the door actually, as if it was waiting my arrival.... but died waiting ._. It was quite large and had dark grey wings. In its memory, I gave my room the name Moth. Also, I`m now adding the date and place i`m at during that period of time because I did it in my diaries.

~I hope he looks this way ._.
~Following the neon orange of ugly written numbers are the order of my diaries from one to four. All diaries are almost completed (save for around 4 pages at the end for me to write in after 6 years pass since I began that diary.) Only the fourth diary isn`t completed because I started blogging instead. I wrote almost everyday in my diaries. The difference with a diary and blog is that for diaries, you have space limit. As in, I try to keep an entry at most 4 pages long to save space. With a blog I get to type to my hearts content. Downside, i add photos instead of getting to doodle on my blog as I do on my diary. I`m going to post the doodles I did from the first two diaries here. 

~This Death picture I doodled cause on that day we went visiting the new house when it was still under construction. Me and Nar were the only ones in the third story. My curiosity got the better of me as I went to a part of the room which was still being constructed. I fell through the roof ._. Ok, my leg went through the ceiling and before I could fall any further, Nar grabbed my hand and struggled to pull me up. I owe him my life! o_o Shush! Don`t tell him I said that! I remember the fear I felt and the way my heart pounded. It was horrible. But no, my life did not flash before my eyes. *Thank God!*

~Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!
~This I doodled after watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Animax without using pencil to sketch first first. Elric`s eyes are so screwed >_< No, I have not completed watching the series. Let me tell you a bit more about me. I start many things and then leave it uncompleted. I suck that way, I know. It`s a flaw which I find truly difficult to correct.

~The two people dancing was drawn beside a poem I wrote. I dedicated this poem to `The Graveyard Book` by Neil Gaiman in my diary. It`s just that when I read that book, at the Dance Macabre chapter, I had feels. I can`t recall how I felt now cause it was what? Two or three years since Nix lent it to me to read. Hold on, i`ll copy the poem from my diary here.
Another Memory.

Laugh, cry, sing and dance
I take my hat off to your rhyme.
Merry, merry as can be
brings back old memories.

Some with glee
Others with pain
But what`s one
Without the other?

Take my hand
and i`ll take yours.
Together we`ll dance
Till morning comes.

All for one
and one for all.
Dance where all the
white flowers fall.

When the moon yawns
It`ll just be
One more memory
for you and me.


~The Messiah Code.
 ~I could have sworn the words took up more place on my diary ._. My poems last time consisted of so few words in a sentence.... Probably because I wrote using big fonts.... The next doodle I did after reading `The Messiah Code` by Michael Cordy. It`s of the four main characters and how I imagined them to look like. Holly`s such a brave adorable girl!

~Jammy Dodgers.
~Jammy Dodgers! Author is Bowering Sivers. Thanks Nix for introducing me to this book! I read two of them. Both of which she lent me. Ned, Jem and Billy`s mischief's are simply such fun to read. And I like the setting of the story. I`m a sucker for Victorian era stories. Or anything set in post Britian really. I admire the clothing designs of Victorian Era <3 I`ve read Jammy Dodgers on the run and Jammy Dodgers go Underground.

~A meme?
 ~This I doodled after Chemistry class. No, i`m not good at making meme`s or whatever. I just did this for fun. It`s fun to doodle, you know? The joys of art-ing shall forever remain in me, even when i`m old and prune-like and probably sour. (Which I hope to avoid becoming.) Who knows, maybe I`ll kill myself if I end up living for too long and becoming a burden to others. *shrugs* Tomorrows a mystery.

~Really old Elaris and Aleha doodle.

~Elaris Evalias and Aleha Onzran.
~Elaris and Aleha are one of the many Original Character`s (OC`s) I have. Elaris is a ladybug-kind while Aleha is a Cloud child. I`m still in the process of writing a novel with them in it. =) I had these characters for ages, but I only recently decided to give them a story. Anyway, the coloured picture of them I did ages ago. Elaris now has red hair instead of orange, and her eyes are emerald green. Aleha`s pretty much the same though. The full body drawing of them is retarded, I know. I drew this back in 2011.(Look properly at the image and you can spot the date.) Their heads are too large for their bodies....
~Super Tiny Ciel doodle.

~Here`s a Ciel Phantomhive doodle. He`s asleep.There`s a rumor going around that a Black Butler movie is going to be made!! I hope it doesn`t suck!! *Fingers crossed* Looking back at my old diaries and diary doodles make me feel nostalgic.... Ok, Death Note episode 33 has finally loaded! Toodles! <3

~"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Life of sadness, lost to lust.
Close your eyes, and you will see.
The world`s not a place, deemed fit to be.
 ~*RSN*~ (Me!)

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