Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Started watching Death Note!!

1/3/2013 - Thursday.

~Death Note~
~I began watching Death Note recently. Late. Very. I know. It was aired ages ago, but I was `child` then and shows like this were deemed inappropriate by the adults ruling me. Watched the first six episodes at Johor with Aj. He refuses to continue watching without me because he claims that the show gives him the creeps. Meh. I love it. At episode 12 now. The anime reminds me of Sherlock Holmes for some reason. I do, however, find it queerly irritating that when the characters predict their opponents next moves, their predictions are more than 90% right.

~Light`s going mad ._.

~It just makes me frustrated to know that, out of the infinite possible outcomes, the character can guess their opponent's moves correctly. And how come their assumptions are usually always right? So many other reasons or actions are possible, but how do they guess the RIGHT one? And why do they do so much assuming? (From almost any show or book which has a detective kind of base to it, this happens. Usually with a genius character. Examples are Sherlock Holmes, L and Light from Death Note, Artemis Fowl, I`m not sure if Ciel Phantomhive is counted, etc.)

~Still, I`m not saying these characters or shows are bad. Heck, I watch them because of their detective-ness qualities. I admire all those names stated above, it`s just that they sometimes get to my nerves. Don`t really know why though.... Hmm. It`s just my opinion anyway, what does it matter?

~I shall state that I ship Light(or Raito, whatever floats your boat) Yagami and L Lawliet. Strongly. I think this is a ship I am willing to go down with, and it has been ages since I have had such a ship. I enjoy watching them try to out do each other. L`s obsession of catching Kira (Killer, Light`s alias. This name people gave him cause they did not know his real name. Like Jack the Ripper. FYI, `kira` means `count` in Malay.) and Kira`s wanting to make his perfect world a reality is interesting to watch.

~To get things straight, I do not watch this anime just because I like shipping Light and L. It is one of the many reasons, yes. But not the main one. I love this anime because it makes me think. Detective-ness. I`m also secretly rooting for L, shush! I am really against people taking the life of others. If they trick a person into taking their own life, it`s a different story all together. But what Light does I am totally against. Gosh, L has so many aliases!

~L`s smile!!!! <3
 ~I dislike this. Somehow, my major ships always end up with one character ending up dead. Yes, I know L dies. Rae had the `courtesy` of telling me practically the whole story before I even started watching the anime. =.= Thanks, Rae. It`s going to be like Project K all over again! Oh, yeah. Project K ended last year. They did the honor of crushing two of my major ships (Mikoto/Suoh and Shiro/Kuroh) by killing one character from each paring. I just. I don`t want to talk about it. Blood was spilled and tears were shed. The end.
~Out of topic, I`ve also been doing research and all, and I want to add this website here for character development. I have 8 main characters, so developing them could easily be hell in my mind, but I prevent it from happening. It`s just that I`m very fond of them. And developing them just is not a task! Although sometimes I do feel that I use `developing my character` as an excuse to skip actually continuing their story. Heh.
~I made a Wordpress account and I was lost.... I think I`m just going to stick to Blogger for now!! *Hugs Blogger*~ Oh! Oh! I found this website where I can download free Death Note Soundtracks!! Just thought I`d share it here. My favourites are kuroi light and L no Kabe <3  I think they`re the same song played with different instruments. Toodles!!

~"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing." -Socrates.


  1. Well next time tell me earlier if you want to watch it first D:

    Anyways I believe Shiro isn't dead as he is immortal right? I believe his soul is now floating somewhere ... =)

    1. ~I think his immortality does not work when a king kills him ._. That's why Suoh had to stab him ='(


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