Thursday, January 10, 2013

~*Do smart people play chess? Why? and Family Memories*~

1/10/2013 - Thursday.
Time : 5:26P.M., Moth.

~I have caught the running nose.... or is it the flu or fever? I have been encompassed by the safety of the four walls of my home, yet somehow I have managed to fall ill. The mystery is how and who passed it to me? None of my family members are sick, so why me when all I do is stay in my room? How did the virus find me when there are so many more well qualified specimen to infect? This shall be a case I shall work on in my free time, which is scarce.

~My question for today is, do almost all smart people play chess? For example, Ciel Phantomhive plays chess. Izaya plays his own modified version of chess called orthello-chess-shogi or something. I don`t think Lawliet plays chess, but I don`t know for sure. Near plays with toys on a chess board. Sherlock plays chess. Spock plays chess. Artemis Fowl plays chess.
My aunty agrees with this statement because she says chess is a very intelligent game that requires strategy and thinking to be good at.
There`s a trope for this => Smart People Play Chess

~Sooo, does this mean i`m dumb? I used to play chess when I was younger, but I got bored. My brother still plays it and now he kicks my ass in it. Nar`s also sort of a bragging winner, so I don`t want to play chess anymore.... Not with him, at least. But he`s like the only other person that plays chess in my home other than my dad. (Who`s barely at home and is better at chess than Nar but has this `I-won`t-let-you-win-even-if-you`re-a-beginner-cause-I-have-an-ego` attitude.... Not good news for me.) 

~Anyone wants to teach me chess? Maybe I could ask Ruci.... Nah. I`m happy the way I am now. But seriously, if anyone wants to teach a noob chess, tell/message me please. I`d love to learn. 

~Another trope => Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
In which the use of such preposterously confusing syllables, nouns and words are used to portray a character as intelligent in a story or show. They just do not know how to use simple words to save time in a world where time is usually scarce. Oh! How marvelous it would be to be able to purchase or sell time! Or maybe not have time at all? But that would just cause no one new beings to be born or for the old to cease to exist. Problems such as high chances of the world`s progress being halted would arise as new ideas are at a minimum. *squints at what I have wrote* Ok, this is rubbish.
~Also, random question. How many freaking pages does the Death Note have?! It seems so thin, but never ending. Can the user erase a name once it`s written and the person is dead to add more space? Or does the dead person suddenly come back alive if you erase the name from the book?


Personal Post!!
~My house is a terrace with 3 stories, but somehow everyone ends up cramped in my tiny heaven in the afternoons. It`s such a tiny room in this gigantic freaky house, so why here? My grandma will lay resting on the bed beside my computer table while SV sits beside her and draws. Nar is also sprawled on my queens sized bed beside my grandma, snoring. My mom is sitting on the corner of the bed, watching everything I do online but pretends to be whispering to SV. (As I type this, she has just left to go downstairs to prepare tea *phew*) Maybe they appreciate my company and the fact that I try my best to ignore them and keep doing what i`m doing? Truthfully, I enjoy their presence too. There`s no exchange of words, but simply their presence comforts me. I do not know what to call this feeling or how to even describe it properly, but it does exist.

~Both my grandpa`s. Ramadass with the green shirt and Jaganathan with the singlet.
~Only my two grandpa`s have gone out somewhere. They are like two peas in a pod. It`s adorable to watch them carry out tasks together. One is almost deaf while the other is practically blind, so they require each others aid to function. The deaf one drives, so they do lots of traveling to keep themselves occupied. Both are more than 80 years old. Ramadass is my father`s father while Jaganathan is my mum`s dad. This photo was taken last year during Nar`s 14th birthday on July 31.

~Since I am fond of straying off topics (I hate topics. They force me to stay in topic but I like to go on rambling about everything that crosses my mind. Heck! Topic be damned! The demon take your topic!) let me tell you a little about my grandpas. Both I know so little of, it actually makes me sad. Jaganathan is was a Chemistry and Maths teacher at many Chinese schools. And a damned excellent one at that! The reason I scored an A for Chemistry and Maths was partly because of his help. Before exams, he would spend hours teaching me Chemistry. He planted the love of Chemistry in my heart. 

~As for maths, the questions he would ask I can never come across in my textbooks or workbooks. They would be so tough that rarely I am able to solve them. He still has students come visiting the house to ask him questions or simply to see how his health is fairing. When they see him outside, theres always a huge smile on their faces as they walk towards him and thank him. He is also a very kind harted man. His only bad quality is that he smokes. FYI, both my grandpas do not live with their wife`s anymore. They want to, but their wife`s don`t want them. My grandma, Manomani, -Jaganathan`s wife- used his smoking habit as an excuse to kick him out.

~Ramadass on the other hand was a police. He held the post of assistant superintendent. My mum told me he was involved in going against communists. One day I shall ask him about his story, some day.... His wife, -Komathi- is a teacher who teaches in orphanages. She still does, actually. I have no idea why she doesn`t want to live with him anymore. The problem with her is she is `Mrs. Nags-a-lot-bossypants.` Because my siblings and I cannot speak my mother tongue fluently, whenever she comes to visit, she harps about it to my parents. Eventually, one can get irritated of hearing the same news over and over again. 

~Now, Manomani. She brought me up. I lived under her care until I was ten. My aunty, Sheena, also lived with her until she got married and migrated to Australia when I was thirteen(If my memory does not fail me.) 
During the time when I was under her care, Jaganathan used to live there too. All four of us in a house now gone. My aunty was like my best friend/rival sibling during those times. It was fun. We used to fight for the remote and all that. Now SV is under my grandma`s care. Manomani lives by herself in our previous house now, and visits a few days a week.

~Nar was raised by Uncle Thiru and Aunty Pat until he was around eight.(They were our neighbours, living opposite of our previous house.) Which is why he is, clearly, the most intelligent of us three siblings. Both uncle and aunty were teachers and very strict. They made him memorize poems and do maths like mad. Just being around them gave me the creeps. But still, Uncle Thiru thought me to ride the bike when I was eleven, and for that I am truly grateful. Somehow, after Nar left the care of those two amazing people, his grades fell steeply and he became a computer addict. I hope he becomes more mature as time passes and realize what he is doing now is simply aiding in his downfall.... All in all, I love my family and would never trade them for anything or everything in the world!! <3

~Dang, this post becoming over personal. Ok, this goes under `diary` label. *puts under diary lable* I`m just writing all this here because they are facts I never want to forget, even as time robs them from me and my memories.... I have to go now, toodles!!

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