Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Studying the German language in a German Institute (Duh, obvious much?)

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My journey to Earth domination.

 Learning a new language to make communication with various races a simpler task.
 Recall a time when I blogged about how I rarely complete anything or stick to a subject till the end without taking a detour? Apparently this doesn`t just apply to posts and my pattern of speech with the humans I tend to communicate with. Mother alien has gotten the INTI college humans to postpone my A- Levels using her awesome persuasion skills. Now my task has been changed to studying the various languages of the Earthlings. German, to be exact. At the Malaysian-German Society in Penang.

INTI has agreed to allow me to take the intensive A-Levels courses instead, which starts during April and ends by June (Or July.). Now my duty is to master the beginner`s guide to the German language to make studying at Germany a simpler task. Wednesday was the first class I attended under the intensive classes being held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Friday classes begin at nine and end by eleven. Wednesday, always having to be the odd, middle day of weekdays, decided to be unique here as well. On Wednesdays, classes are from ten to one.

I found attending language classes much more enjoyable than attending college. Partly because I only remain in one room with the same humans for the entire time, and partly because there are only nine students enrolled in this program. Also partly because there is no one there I have been an acquaintance of before. I find it terribly annoying how, at college, I have to assimilate myself to new surroundings and humans during every different lecture.

The nine students were very friendly, and the teacher is a fun one. Most of them are elder to me following Earth`s age counter. That doesn`t bug me. It`s pretty cool, actually. The female I sit next to has traveled quite a lot around Europe and seems to be extremely knowledgeable. Her language skills are epic as well. A group (consisting of three) of Chinese girls were friendly. One of them took the time to update me on the German lesson I had missed(for this is the second class already. The first began on Tuesday). She even explained to me what the words meant and tried pronouncing them. 

During lessons, teacher uses this special board which is special. It`s also magical. It`s like stepping out of a stone and into a virtual keyboard screen thing and closens-ups and lights so neon wow the world map zoom zoom It has unicorns and hadlehorns and sadniasfldsnagggggggggggggg i`m l8 gute nacht../,/,';[

Date of Event : 16/1/2013 on a Wednesday.



  1. German. That is a handy language to know if you wish to frighten someone. You can shout How are you at them and they'll think your threatening them with a banana.

    1. ~IKR! Haha, when I heard my teacher speak with another teacher, I got scared! It was like they were scolding each other with made up words that used lots of `akh`s` and sore throat sounds.
      Once I master this language, my plan is to use it when talking to my parents. Gonna go around the streets threatening some people with some yellow bananas.


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