Saturday, January 19, 2013

My brother, the suicidal Spiderman

1/19/2013 - Saturday.

~I`m not sure if i`m supposed to be proud of my brother, or be scolding him and giving him advice...

~ Let me tell you a little about my brother. (Nicknamed Nar.) He`s fifteen, has dark brown(black?) hair and eyes, is dark skinned, taller but younger than me, and is to sit for a major exam this year. (PMR) He also has the blood of Spiderman/DareDevil flowing in his veins ._. 

~I`ll tell you why I say this. Tell me how many people you know is willing to climb the roofs of their house after midnight every night just to get to their computer? Cause I only know one. And he`s my brother.

~He started this nonsense last year on the beginning of December, when my parents labeled him as a `Computer Addict`. Then they decided to keep the computer room under lock and key.(I use a laptop.) Which meant he could only use the computer when they allowed him too. My dad, well, he uses that as blackmail. Blackmail`s my brother to get his homework done to get time on the computer. No one likes blackmail. Including my brother.

~My room is next to the computer room. Once they began locking the room door, he began climbing out of my room window(from the second story) and moving all the way to the computer room window to get in.(The lock of the window in that room is busted) Many of my cousins knew about this, and warned him. But when he was performing the act, we cheered him on >_< (Me included...) He used to do this in the middle of the night, and the roof is so steep with no handholds!! (I`m still not sure how he managed, and I don`t plan on finding out any time soon.)

~Recently, SV(youngest brother) ratted Nar out to my parents. Nar was totally mad and all. Feeling pity for him cause he has not gone online for almost three days now(it`s killing him, believe me.) I allowed him to use my laptop yesterday. This was a conversation he had with his school friend via my Steam account.
  Savera : Nar. (He`s using my alias.)
AladeenMuthaFucka : His friend.


AladeenMuthaFucka: dude
AladeenMuthaFucka: tell u what
AladeenMuthaFucka: the next time u got ur comp
AladeenMuthaFucka: u find something ur bro did
Savera: yea
AladeenMuthaFucka: then after that u threaten him
Savera: and i wont tell him d la
Savera: keep him ut
Savera: he so lcuky
Savera: ur not his bro i tell him
AladeenMuthaFucka: no no
AladeenMuthaFucka: dis is what me n my sis did
Savera: cause u wack him up d
Savera: or me cousin bro my cousin kill him d
AladeenMuthaFucka: i whack?
AladeenMuthaFucka: dude
AladeenMuthaFucka: no no
AladeenMuthaFucka: ur bro
AladeenMuthaFucka: easy
AladeenMuthaFucka: u check his homework
Savera: i know what u mean
AladeenMuthaFucka: he din do
AladeenMuthaFucka: u threaten him
Savera: but my parents dont givva fuck
AladeenMuthaFucka: if he found out that u play
Savera: hello
Savera: he like anak manja
AladeenMuthaFucka: then cant help then
AladeenMuthaFucka: tahan la
Savera: can la
Savera: dont tell the muthafucker
AladeenMuthaFucka: we form 4 dy
AladeenMuthaFucka: next year
AladeenMuthaFucka: chill
AladeenMuthaFucka: comp not important
AladeenMuthaFucka: motor important
AladeenMuthaFucka: :D
Savera: hah
AladeenMuthaFucka: perhaps without comp u can study
Savera: cant cause it will be bck
Savera: dom dom dom
AladeenMuthaFucka: ohh
AladeenMuthaFucka: ok la
AladeenMuthaFucka: wish u luck
AladeenMuthaFucka: gtg
Savera: bubbye
Savera: go HoN and kill alot
Savera: immortal
AladeenMuthaFucka: okok
AladeenMuthaFucka: hon sure own
AladeenMuthaFucka: ok?
AladeenMuthaFucka: bb
Savera: k
AladeenMuthaFucka: i picked mk
AladeenMuthaFucka: fyi
AladeenMuthaFucka: lol
Savera: kk

 ~My gosh, their English! This deserves an `Oh My English!` moment... The both of them sound like two girls bitching about some enemy they have at school. (Also, this is why you never use your siblings computer. They take your conversations and post it on the net.)

~Anyway, I was the one to feel terribly guilty through this whole event. Why? Parents. They had a way of adding guilt into children. It`s a talent you naturally gain when you`re promoted to becoming a parent. My mum had scolded me for allowing him to use my window all this time. 

"What if he fell? And if he died, that would have been fine!" she looked at me, all teary. "But what if he had been paralyzed? Who would take care of him, then?"

~What she said makes total sense, I know. But I have this sixth sense thing, that could tell me if bad luck was around, or if something bad was about to happen. And when ever he went out that window, I never felt worried. I knew he would be back. He has not fallen yet, has he? But... but what if my senses had been wrong? What if he did fall? Then what?*Silently curses `what if` questions*

~There`s a Malay saying for this : "Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga."

~It means that however smart/talented a squirrel(or thief) is at jumping(escaping), it will eventually have to fall to the ground(or get caught.) (And no, just because I know the language doesn`t make me a Malay. I`m an alien robot.)

~He`s stopped, for now. Climbing through windows, I mean. I hope he doesn`t do it anymore. When I tell him not to, he says "What`s it got to do with you?" "Why can`t mum just leave me alone?" Rebellious stage in life, eh? I wonder if I went through that stage in life? I doubt it. I was more of a couch potato, rather letting life pass me by than take up challenges... I do hope he changes his ways though, cause I don`t plan on having any dead siblings anytime soon.

~Sidetrack this for a moment, I`ve watched Sherlock season 1 yesterday with mum, it was amazing! The cliffhanger, gahhhh!! I would never have guessed that the gay dude was Jim Moriarty!! (Which is why i`d be a horrible detective...) Although it was odd that they had him introduced at the beginning of the show, then he disappeared for quite a while. Dang! I wasn`t paying enough attention to the show yesterday! Gonna watch season 2 today~

~Also, does anyone know how many posts are allowed on Blogger? Like, is there a maximum number of posts a blog can have, or am I allowed to keep posting on the same blog till I die? Just wondring... 

~Toodles!! <3

~"If only people would realize that moral principles are like measles... They have to be caught. And only the people who`ve got them can pass on the contagion." -Aldous Huslex.


  1. Omg... I didn't know Nar actually does that O_o

    1. ~Yeah. It`s his dream to join the circus. If only there were more circuses now a days....

      ~It`s called desperation, dude. People will do almost anything when they are desperate. It`s fun to watch them, actually. Today there was a battle while I was watching Sherlock season 2 epi 1.... The battle took place in front of the tv =_= I had to pause to watch the battle.

      ~Players : My mum, grandma(mum`s mum), Nar, SV, and SV`s laptop. Something about mum always supporting SV cause he`s the youngest and stuffs >_< I was the only observer there, all awkward like, sitting there and waiting for it all to end to continue watching Sherlock.

      ~Long story short, it ended with Nar storming into his room, my mum writing a complaint email to my dad, my grandma scolding me for not supporting them(all I did was sit there.), and SV dumbstruck. Laptop suffered the most, sadly....


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