Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!! and Mabinogi

1/1/2013 - Tuesday.
~Savera22, Server : Alexina.
(Click on images to view it clearly.)

~~Goodbye 2012, hello 2013~~
I started of the first day of this wonderful year by waking up at one in the afternoon with Nar. We were like zombies going down and having lunch(or Brunch, cause we didn`t have breakfast yet). Then we went upstairs and Nar was bugging me to play Mabinogi so I did. Awkwardly, my Savera character vanished o_o
~Flying on my Eagle ^^

~Naturally, this caused me to create a new character. Named her Savera22. Lucky me, when I started I met this player named Marchutan. Super helpful person ^^ Asked me if I wanted to join in doing Generation quest. Said yes. So, the questing began! First, I thought Marchutan was a girl cause Alchemists wear robes which look like dresses ._. Then we came across this pro player named   and the player called him a `she`. That's when I found out Marchutan was a dude xD Robes are highly deceiving. FYI, My bro`s character`s name is Hyperroon.

~Riding horses in a Church like a boss!!
~Anyway, he helped me in completing and understanding the game and quests. Made the game sound super interesting too! One thing I can say about online games which I play is that the main reason I play the games are because of the friends I make. They make me wanna keep playing. It`s so lonely and boring when you play solo. You also learn so much more when the person you`re playing with is more experienced at the game than you are.... 
~Duck duck goose. Marchutan practicing alchemy.
~Marchutan summoned a Golem! Alchemy is such an awesome class!

~Marchutan controlling his Golem!!

~I found out about Alchemy and Royal Alchemists from him. He`s an alchemist. Really cool their skills! I chose puppeteer cause that was the first job in the job picking list ._. It was also a NEW job so I wanted to try it out. Pretty amazing. Puppeteers get to control puppets to fight for them. Hard though when you lose control of your puppet or if your enemies attack you instead of your puppet. 
~Me on my horse <3
~This is me on my horse, Roxiye. The name should have been Roxyie.... There are three races in this game. The Humans, Elves and Giants. It`s pretty obvious my character is an elf. Just look at the ears. Apparently this game doesn`t have brown skin so I had to choose the skin colour closest to brown, which was peach.... I also set my computer brightness super low, so most of my screenshots make the game seem dark and gloomy, which it`s not! This screenshot was taken when it was night time though.

~RP Dungeon. I`m Ruairi. Ruairi moves super slow ._.
~RP story is pretty interesting!!
~This screenshots were me and Marchutan doing a role-playing(RP) quest. We were in an RP dungeon. If we had three members in our group, the third character, a girl, would have been visible too. I got the character Ruairi, a warrior, and Marchutan got Tarlach the bard. Humans apparently move the slowest of the three races. And Ruairi moves like a `pondan`(I think that means `man who acts like a lady` in English) when he walks with the heavy sword (Sorry Ruairi! But it`s true!) It was fun though using high leveled characters to smash up spiders~ 

~Explaining to me about Generation quests.

~Marchutan was giving me a lecture about the quests and all. Says there's even a Hamlet quest and you`ll get to meet Shakespeare! I`m pretty excited about this game. Only sad part is the time the quests consume. Apparently some quests can last up to 40-50 game hours! And it also depends on the level of difficulty of the quest being done. 
~Completing a quest. I`m so blur in this game....
~This was us completing quests and he explaining to me about the game. Btw, thanks Marchutan for being tons of help! And my horse sitting there on the grass is such a sweetheart! <3 I wonder if they have mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons as pets....

~We were doing a commerce quest. Fought bandits and all.
~The last quest we did together was the commerce quest. We had to travel from one town to the other to deliver goods for a merchant. We encountered bandits and all on our long and tiring(not to mention boring) journey. The bandits were actually fun to encounter and kill. My puppet pounded them like a human squashing an ant! And Marchutan used his magic to send them bandits to their Maker. To put down the load we were carrying, we had to press the button `R`. Same to pick it up. Also, Alchemists have hoodies!!
~The only problem about playing online with people is the time difference. It was night for him when it was only five in the afternoon for me. Anyway, he went off to sleep and I logged out cause it ain`t any fun playing alone. Plus, I`m a noob at this game xD
~"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." -Albert Einstein. 

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